Last updated: February 8, 2024


We respect and protect your privacy. Our apps don’t collect any data from you. No analytics or usage statistics are sent back to our servers. The apps ask you only for the data that is necessary for providing their functionality. All applications store their data only locally on the device.

iCloud backups

Private Tracker’s data is part of the data that is being backed up by iOS. If you voluntarily choose to backup to iCloud, application data will be uploaded to iCloud by the operating system without any specific action or knowledge by the application. If you are concerned about this, you can always choose not to back up to iCloud and back up only to your computer.

VoIP calls

Telephone supports encryption when TLS is selected as the SIP transport protocol. When TLS is selected for SIP, SRTP is also mandatory for transferring the voice data. In other words, when TSL is enabled, SRTP is autoamtically enableed too and must be used by the server configued in the app.

When UDP or TCP is selected as the SIP transport protocol, all network connections between Telephone and the configured server happen in cleartext. To have a secure and encrypted communication between Telephone and the chosen server, you are expected to bring your own encryption mechanism between them, like a VPN connection.

OpenStreetMap maps

The Private Tracker and Private Maps apps download OpenStreetMap maps from our servers. The apps do not communicate with third-party servers. Our servers neither collect nor share this usage data. Your current location is never transmitted. The apps request the region of the map for display from our servers and, after serving the request, the servers do not store the request data.