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Clean and simple

Track your current time, distance, speed, and average pace on a clean dashboard.

Tracker dashboard


Tracker stores your data locally on your device and never uploads it to the cloud. No analytics or usage data is collected and no registration required. You are in full control.


Explore the detailed high-resolution OpenStreetMap maps. Own OpenStreetMap servers are used to guarantee privacy. The usage data is neither collected nor shared.

Tracker map

Energy efficient

Tracker does its best to preserve battery charge of your device. Start a track, lock the screen, and be amazed with the results.

Track list

GPX export

Export tracks in a standard GPX format for photo geotagging or detailed track review and editing in your favorite tools.

Track details

Bigger picture

Carry an iPad with you everywhere? The app is optimized for it too and supports iPad multitasking so you could use Tracker side-by-side with other apps.

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